If you are selling a home, you want potential buyers to be impressed as soon as they walk through the front door. The main way to do this is to prepare your home for each showing. When a potential buyer is looking at a new home, they want to imagine themselves in the home, which is hard to do if your home is cluttered and messy. They want to be able to imagine their furniture in the space, get a feel for the layout, and look at potential repairs. Here are a few things that you can do to properly prepare for a showing. 

Clean and declutter your home

Before you do anything, you’ll want to declutter your home to make it feel light and minimalistic for anyone coming for a showing. Having clutter and excess personal items in your home can limit a potential client from imagining how they would live in the space. Take the time to pack up personal items like family photos and momentos, and store them away for your move. Decluttering before selling your home will make your move much easier.

Decluttering could mean moving out excess furniture to make room for a more minimalistic look, and removing items that look messy and disorganized. Put away any everyday items in cabinets and drawers that can still easily be accessed. If this task seems daunting, consider this as the first step to packing.

Buyers will expect to see a clean home when viewing for the first time. Deep clean your home or hire a company to do it. Clean the windows, countertops, appliances, floors, lights – everything. 

Let natural light in

No one wants to step into a home that is dark and dingy. Most showings happen in the daylight, so open all of the blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Also make sure to turn on as many lights as you can to showcase the home. A well-lit home makes for an inviting space. 

Don’t forget about landscaping

There are so many times that people focus all of their time cleaning the inside of their home, and they forget outside. Your front yard is the first place that potential buyers see, and that really is the first impression. Make your front entrance inviting by mowing the lawn, removing weeds and leaves, and add planters or flowers to add brightness.

Pay attention to odours 

Be mindful of any odours lingering in your home and try your best to get rid of them. This could be from pets, meals you have cooked, or just day to day smells. Open your windows, light some candles, or try baking cookies to have a fresh aroma before the showing.

Let the showing begin!

Preparing your home for showings can be a lot of work, especially if they are being booked constantly and you are in the middle of moving. You have done your part, so let your realtor do the rest for you!


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